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Vacuum Oil Filter

Oil Filter / Deep Fryer Oil Filter / Food Processing Filter

The vacuum oil filter utilizes a vacuum to absorb high temperature frying oil into the frying cylinder, run it through a filter cloth purification process, and then return it to the frying machine. The filter cloth in the oil filter features both an optimum porosity and permeability, which separates impurities and other harmful substances, thus preventing the edible oil’s acid value from rising too high and preventing the formation of peroxide. This not only extends the service life of the edible oil, but it also improves the quality of deep fried foods fried in this oil. The deep fryer oil filter features a high filtration accuracy, saves energy and is easy to operate. The vacuum oil filter can also connect with frying machines. When operation of the oil filter stops, the oil is filtered in a backflow to the frying machine.


Model LYJ-600/5
Shape Cylinder
Range Frying Oil
Overall dimension 650×650×880mm
Filter oil quantity 30L/Min
Oil temperature for filter 120-200℃
Power/voltage 2.2KW/380V
Filter area 0.62㎡
Style Fixed type
Inlet pipe size DN32, 38mm
Outlet pipe size DN32, 38mm
Filter material type stainless steel strainer
Working pressure -0.3MPa

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