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Continuous Belt Oil Filter

Oil filter / Belt Filter / Oil Filtration System

Technical Features
The continuous belt oil filter is an automatic oil filter and uses a centrifugal pump to power the high temperature frying oil suction filter. When the oil reaches the limiting position, the pump will automatically start, then through a series of switching regulators, the oil on the filtration system’s surface remains in a stable position, allowing the filter net to filter out impurities, carbides and other harmful substances from the edible oil. Within the mesh belt drive, the automatic scraper removes impurities as they are cleansed from the machine. This belt oil filter utilizes food grade stainless steel in its structure and the filter mesh belt, which can filter up to 60 microns. The continuous oil filter also uses a highly efficient circulating centrifugal pump and an import drive motor to ensure a trouble free work flow. The oil filtration system also uses an advanced level limit switch to ensure the circulation filtration and stability with no overflow of oil. Installation is quick and easy, and the entire pipeline connection uses tight joints. The piping interface is symmetrical in design, and can be installed according to the site situations for maximum space savings.

Structural Features:
Automatic slag removal, continuous operation, easy to clean, safe operation, reliable

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