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Check Weigher

Food Weighing Machine / Weight Checking Machine / Package Weighing Machine

Check weigher systems are used to ensure compliance with label weight regulations, ensuring a package of food is filled to the weight specified on the label. Food weighing machines ensure there are no items missing from the packaging, thus reducing complaints and assisting a production company in meeting normal enterprise levels. Weighing is carried out 100% online, so there is no interruption in production line operation, ensuring quality control.

Advantages and Features of the Weight Checking Machine
1. The structure is entirely stainless steel, and a waterproof design.
2. The food scale’s design is intelligent and compact.
3. The automatic program adjusts settings for easy operation.
4. The production details are recorded by the weight checking machine, and can easily export all the data.
5. The VPLC control system utilizes touch screen control, and a friendly operation interface.
6. The quad weighing and DSP units work for a multi-load cell management system.
7. The highly accurate load cell is based on advanced DSP technology.
8. With a 20 product preset, it is easy to edit and cancel amounts.

Grading Machine

Food Weighing Machine / Check and Weight Machine / Food Grading Machine

The food grading machine is used to check and weigh the classifier for seafood, poultry, aquatic products and agricultural products. The grading machine is especially used for weighing different seafood and poultry products, and thus grades food into different classes according to the weight.

Advantages and Features of the Grading Machine
1. The food grading machine is able to produce data sourcing in an Excel spreadsheet, and save data for a year.
2. The interface design makes data management easier, as it can be connected to both the internet and a PC
3. The centralized control is either a single PC or a single HMI control, for multiple check weighing machines.
4. Original programming is easy to restore.

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