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Packaging Machine (with Multihead Weigher)

Vertical Form Fill Seal / Vertical Filling Machine / Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine

The vertical form fill sealing machine is used to package fragile food products such as puffy food, rice, candy and other foods in a fast, accurate manner.

Parts Included
1. Automatic packaging machine
2. Multiheads weigher.
3. Bucket elevator
4. Supporting platform
5. Finished products conveyor

1. Automatic Packaging Machine

Packaging Machine Scope:
This vertical packaging machine is used to package fragile food products such as puffy food, rice, candy, pet food and other foods in a fast, accurate manner.

Major Performances and Structural Features
1. The imported PLC computer control system features a human to machine interface and touch screen that is simple and easy to use with direct viewing.
2. Precise positioning with a servo film transporting system ensures an excellent and complete machine performance and nice packaging.
3. This packaging and sealing machine minimizes loss with its fully automatic warning and protection system.
4. Supported by metric devices, the vertical packaging machine will automatically complete all packaging processes, including measuring, feeding, filling and bag production.
5. Bag production method: the vertical fill packaging machine makes pillow type bags and standing bags according to customer requirements.

2. Multihead weigher

Main Performance
The multihead weigher is used to weigh potato slices and chips, salads, raisins, oatmeal, candy, peanuts, walnut kernels, apricot kernels, popped food, sugar, jelly, frozen dumplings, meatballs, crude drugs, gourmet powders, salt, solid beverages as well as nonfood products like screws, nuts and toys.

Main Features
1. The multihead weigher on the vertical fill machine can set a weighing hopper’s discharging rate by turning the machine to prevent blocking.
2. The statistical functions record the weighing date of each shift.
3. The easy operation features multiple languages on the display touch screen controller for international customers.

3. Bucket Elevator

1. The bucket elevator is used to deliver grain, food and other food related products.
2. The conveyor features a large carrying quantity with no risk of crashing and no high lifting.
3. The lifting height is 2-10meters (as per customer requirements).
4. The bucket elevator can be either stainless steel or painted plastic, and any part that comes into contact with the food is food grade plastic.
5. The circuit control and switch achieves automatic stopping and feeding. The bucket elevator also has a large height and hoist capacity.

Technical Parameters:
Capacity 1-3T/H
Shaft speed (r / min): 10r/min-80r/min
According to the customer's requirement
Power: 0.75-3kw

4. Supporting Platform SUS304

5. Finished Products Conveyor

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