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Meat Products Processing Machinery

Fried Chicken Production Line / Chicken Nugget Processing Line / Chicken Strip Production Line

The chicken nugget production line automatically achieves the forming, predusting (flouring), battering and breading on meat, poultry, seafood and vegetables. The chicken nugget processing line is often used with a deep fryer, cooker, freezer and packing machine in order to produce a high value food product to meet market and consumer demands.

Chicken nuggets machine∣Chicken nuggets making machine

Forming machine --> battering machine --> preduster --> tempura battering machine --> frying machine

Capacity of the Meat Product Processing Line:
200mm wide conveyor belt: 100kg/h
400mm wide conveyor belt: 400kg/h
600mm wide conveyor belt: 600kg/h

Hamburger Patty Production Line

Burger Patty Production Line / Hamburger Production Line / Meat Processing Line

The small hamburger patty production line is an automatic forming and coating processing line that carries out the forming, battering, flouring (pre-dusting), and bread crumb processing. This burger patty production line is known for its automatic and easy operation, small size and simple design to make cleaning easy.
The meat processing line processes different varieties of meat, including poultry, mutton, and pork, seafood such as fish or shrimp, and vegetables such as pumpkins and potatoes.

Hamburger making machine∣Hamburger machine∣Hamburger patty machine∣Burger machine

Process Flow
Forming machine --> battering machine --> breading machine --> frying machine

Technical Parameters

Name model Belt width Power Capacity Weight Dimension(mm)
Forming machine CXJ-100 130mm 0.55kw 35pcs/min 100kg 860x600x1400
Battering machine NNJ-200 200mm 0.62kw 100kg/h 100kg 1400x550x1250
Breading machine SXJ-200 200mm 0.86kw 100kg/h 150kg 1720x650x1400
Preduster SFJ-200 200mm 0.98kw 100kg/h 150kg 1730x650x1480
Fryer XDL-2500 300mm 30kw 100kg/h 350kg 2700x980x1200

Nugget/Patty Forming Machine

Chicken Nugget Forming Machine / Hamburger Patty Forming Machine / Food Processing Machine

Small forming machine for nuggets and patties

Different types of molds can be customized
The nugget and patty forming machine is used to make hamburger patties, chicken nuggets and other patty or nugget foods simply by changing between different molds.

Technical Parameters of the Meat Processing Machine
Diameter: 100mm at maximum
Thickness: 6-18 adjustable
Tank capacity: 30L
Capacity: 35pcs/min

Battering Machine

Batter Spraying Machine / Chicken Battering Machine / Pork Battering Machine

Using a batter slurry curtain and batter groove, the batter spraying machine offers an even coating of batter on chicken, beef, pork, fish and other seafood products. With the fast combination design, the battering machine is easy to clean and does less damage to the viscosity of the batter over other traditional battering machines. Due to the small paste amount used in the batter conveyor, the batter pump does very little damage to the slurry’s viscosity.

Technical Parameters

Speed of belt 3-15 m/min adjustable
Input height 1050±50mm
Output height 1050±50mm
Width of belt 200mm,400mm,600mm
Power 2.6kw
Overall dimension 1950x1050x1450

Pre-Duster and Breading Machine

Pre-Duster Machine / Breading Machine / Food Coating Machine

The pre-duster is specially designed for coating in food process. The food coating machine coats the bottom of the food with a layer of flour on the conveyor belts, then coats the surface by a flour coating from above the belt. The pre-duster connects to battering machines and breading machines to connect to different food production lines.

Technical Parameters

Speed of belt 3-15 m/min adjustable
Input height 1050 ± 50mm
Output height 1050 ± 50mm
Width of belt 200mm,400mm,600mm
Power 2.8kw
Overall dimension 2650x1050x2150

Breading Machine

The breading machine coats chicken, beef, other meat and seafood in an even layer, utilizing an outpouring of breadcrumbs from the hopper, and a layer of breading on the conveyor belt. This ensures an even coating over the entire food product.

Technical Parameters

Speed of belt 3-15 m/min adjustable
Input height 1050 ± 50mm
Output height 1050 ± 50mm
Width of belt 200mm,400mm,600mm
Power 3.7kw
Overall dimension 2650x1050x2280

Meat Smoker

Barbecue Smoker / Food Smoker / Meat Smoking Machine

No. Terms Specification
1 Power 220V 1P/60HZ
2 Compressed air pressure ≥0.4Mpa
3 Temperature < 150 ℃
4 Capacity 250kg/batch
5 Power in all 24kw
6 Dimension 1950 x 1350 x 3000mm
7 Standard doorframe size 1110 x 2020mm
8 Standard truck size 1100 x 1030 x 1840mm

Frozen Meat Slicer

Frozen Meat Flaker / Frozen Meat Cutter / Frozen Meat Slicing Machine

The frozen meat cutting machine is used to flake or slice frozen meat blocks with no need to unthaw the meat. By directly flaking or slicing, the frozen meat slicer can slice frozen meat with a temperature of -18°C into thinner pieces with the utilization of slowly rotating cutting blades.

The thickness of meat slices can be adjusted, and the frozen meat cutter cuts off meat fibers and minimizes waste. As an automatic meat slicer, it can be used in conjunction with a chopper mixer for different food prep requirements.

The frozen meat cutting machine is comprised of the frame, cutting structure, electric cabinet, drive line system and the motor. Made entirely of stainless steel, and equipped with two knives on the disk, it meets health standards as well as cutting efficiency requirements. On the inlet and outlet, there are safety guards to keep operators safe and unharmed.

Meat Grinder

Meat Cutter / Meat Slicer / Meat Grinding Machine

The meat grinding machine is a popular machine in the meat processing equipment industry. Due to the screw’s rotary extrusion with cutting blades, the meat is cut into small shapes, though the density, and thus, the meat’s quality, remains the same.

Technical Parameters of the meat grinder

Model JR100 JR120 JR130
Power 3kw 5.5kw 7kw
Capacity 700kg/h 1000kg/h 1500kg/h
Voltage 380v/50hz 380v/50hz 380v/50hz
Dimension 1250x650x1050mm 1250x650x1050mm 1250x650x1050mm

1. Small Capacity

Meat Mixer

Meat Grinder / Meat Mixing Machine / Meat Separator

The meat mixer mixes forcemeat, and also separates meat and jam material. After mixing, the meat mixing machine can also increase the viscosity and elasticity of the forcemeat, while the special sector mixing tooth tenderizes the meat during the mixing process.

Technical Parameters of the Meat Tenderizer

Model BX-60 BX-100 BX-200 BX-300
Bin volume 60L 100L 200L 300L
Capacity 200L/H 300L/H 500L/H 800L/H
Power 1.5KW 1.5KW 2.2KW 2.75KW
Speed of screw 75N/MIN 75N/MIN 75N/MIN 75N/MIN
Weight 200KG 300KG 400KG 500KG
Size (mm) 1200 x 320 x 1000 1200 x 320 x 1000 1600 x 680 x 1200 1720 x 760 x 1230

Meat Bowl Cutter

Meat Cutter / Meat Mixing Machine / Meat Mincer

The meat bowl cutter is a key piece of equipment in meat processing, and is especially useful in a ham production line. The meat chopping cutter can cut meat and fat into minced pieces, then mix them with the seasoning. The meat cutter carries out cutting, mixing and emulsification all in one machine. The meat mixing machine also improves the density and elasticity of sausage products, as well as improves production rates and quality.

Model ZB20 ZB40 ZB80 ZB125
Capacity 15kg/batch 30kg/batch 60kg/batch 90kg/batch
Power 1.85kw 5kw 13.8kw 21kw
Cutting blade qty 3 pcs 3 pcs 6 pcs 6 pcs
Cutting blade speed 1480/2960 1480/2960 1480/2960 1480/2960
Cutting pan speed 7 rpm 7 rpm 7/16 rpm 7/16 rpm
Size (mm) 780 x 600 x 900 1050 x 850 x 1200 1560 x 1200 x 1200 1950 x 1250 x 1450

Vacuum Tumbler

Meat Tumbler / Meat Turning Machine

1. Small Capacity

1. Under vacuum conditions, using a principle involving physical impact, the vacuum tumbler turns meat up and down inside a cylinder so that it collides and is thrown around in order to massage the meat and gain a curing effect. This ensures the meat has a uniform absorption for pickling.
2. The meat tumbler also has a lung respiratory function, which improves the fleshy structure of meat and increases the production rate.
3. The meat turning machine also uses frequency conversion technology, which is safer, more convenient and more energy efficient than other meat processing technology.
4. Made of stainless steel, the vacuum tumbler features a compact structure. On both ends of the roller, there is a spinning cap structure to increase the break space inside the drum. This ensures the meat goes through a uniform tumbling, roll kneading effect, and the machine itself is known for its low noise, reliable performance and higher efficiency.

Technical Parameters

Model Power Speed Vacuum Volume
GR-100 1.85kw 7r/min ≤ -0.08mp 100L/BIN
GR-200 2.25kw 7r/min ≤ -0.08mp 200L/BIN
GR-300 2.25kw 7r/min ≤ -0.08mp 300L/BIN
GR-500 2.95kw 7r/min ≤ -0.08mp 500L/BIN
GR-800 5.5kw 7r/min ≤ -0.08mp 800L/BIN
GR-1000 7kw 7r/min ≤ -0.08mp 1000L/BIN
GR-1200 7kw 7r/min ≤ -0.08mp 1200L/BIN
GR-1600 9.7kw 7r/min ≤ -0.08mp 1600L/BIN
GR-2000 9.7kw 7r/min ≤ -0.08mp 2000L/BIN

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